ICONIC is located at an altitude of 2508 meters, making it the highest high performance center in Europe.
Overnight stays at high altitude promote the increase of red blood cells count and therefore improve the overall capabilities of sports practice.
The use of altitude as a means to improve sports performance is a scientifically proven fact.


It´s the highest medical-sports residential center of the Principality of Andorra.
It's an idyllic training and overnight stay space for federated, professional and amateur athletes.
ICONIC combines the culture of sport, discipline and effort, in a privileged environment designed by and for athletes.


The altitude leader: 2508m for your performance//

We will offer our athletes the opportunity to have a unique and unprecedented training and performance enhancement experience as ICONIC will be located at 2508m altitude and will allow us to be the highest high altitude training center in Europe.

Our mission is focused on offering our athletes the best possible conditions, with all the complementary services necessary for physical improvement, recovery and progress, thus bringing added value to the world of sport and well-being.

You will find


Fitness zone

An avant-garde fitness space with prestigious state-of-the-art equipment.



86 rooms with everything you need for a perfect sporting stay.


Medical area

Area for the recovery of the athlete with the best professionals in the sector, offering a sports-medical service adapted to each case.



Restaurant areas oriented to a healthy lifestyle and the nutritional needs of athletes

Opening the next 2025