The building: an iconic work from the very beginning.


In May 1964, this impetuous structure of Sur Radio was inaugurated, a large building of cement, concrete and steel that rises above the Pic Blanc, at an altitude of 2508 meters, near the top of the Envalira pass at 2,408 meters above sea level.

The company that owned the Sur Radio concession (SOFIRAD) opened a competition to build a large broadcasting center. The two projects that were presented were very unique, since one simulated the silhouette of an airplane and the other that of a ship. The winning idea was that of the ship towering over the harbor. The station was advertised as "the highest in Europe".

2508 meters

Of the two antennas that can be seen, only one has been preserved; the other was erected to bring the Sud RĂ dio signal to northern Europe, but it did not work and in 1987 it was dismantled leaving only the base.

The spectacular building has an impressive 28-meter-high tower that gives it the appearance of a ship and will become the Principality's landmark panoramic restaurant. On the fifth floor, which was accessed by an elevator, was the noble hall, where General de Gaulle signed the station's book of honor during his visit to the Principality. The sixth floor, which simulated a stateroom, had a terrace to which tourists climbed and were absolutely amazed by the privileged views offered by the building.


Circular economy

A prelude to what now, thanks to the circular economy and the efforts and convictions of all those who believed in the project, ICONIC stands as the tallest high-rise medical-sports residential center in Europe.