Highest level medical-sports residential center


ICONIC is a business organization focused on the creation, development and monitoring of an altitude training center in the Principality of Andorra. Our team is focused on offering the best possible conditions for training, recovery and preparation at altitude through hypoxia.

We have carefully integrated the specific needs of athletes with the facilities and training spaces offered by the Principality of Andorra. An offer of integrated services that will allow athletes to enjoy exceptional comfort and conditions for sports practice. All this, at an altitude of 2508m and in an idyllic sports climate for the improvement of performance and recovery, always under the highest possible criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment.

We collaborate with the best professionals, associations and partners in sports, sports medicine, catering and accommodation, who want to add value to the experience of training at altitude and consequently, to the improvement of sports performance and a healthy lifestyle.

Partnering with industry leaders

We have the support and collaboration of industry experts and highly recognized athletes (CAE). Our strategic agreements with the CAR de Sant Cugat, Movistar and ASPC (Association of sports performance centers) allow us to offer and to be at a high level of sporting demand.

Principal Areas


Evaluation of fitness for physical activity.
Prevention and treatment of sports injuries.
Assistive diagnostic tests.
Integral health of the athlete.
Primary care physician.


Electrostimulation, magnetotherapy, recovery and unloading massage.
Water and cryotherapy area.


Biomechanics, postural analysis, footprint and power improvement (Watts - VO Max).
Analysis and laboratory.
R & D


Effort and performance physiology.
State-of-the-art gymnasium with the latest machinery.

High-quality, healthy restoration. Because we are what we eat.


In order to offer guests a unique stay, Iconic complements its services with special attention to food. For this reason, the complex includes different restaurants, 2 of which are exclusive for guests and are oriented towards healthy nutrition, organic and local products.

360 Restaurant, the highest skyline in the country.

Undoubtedly, Iconic's 360 restaurant will be the point of reference for those who want to live a gastronomic experience of height both in sensations and in quality and exclusivity. Open to the public and under reservation, it will be the icon of Andorra's gastronomy.

What ICONIC will be like

Iconic will leave no one indifferent in terms of construction, benefits and amenities. Always giving the maximum coverage to the most committed athletes with the constant improvement of their results, we will offer a range of services in the facilities that will allow users to enjoy the comfort of an iconic and unprecedented space. All this, under a construction with parameters of sustainability and respect for the environment, clearly remarkable.

Eco-efficient architecture & design, the perfect team.

A unique space equipped with all the essential elements for the practice and improvement of sports, within a privileged environment, ICONIC will be located at 2508m and will allow us to be the highest high altitude training center in Europe.

You will find


Swimming Pool

✔ A construction with respectful criteria of sustainability and environment (Passivhaus / geothermal).
✔ 86 rooms with capacity for 180 people , 1 restaurant, 1 bar + 1 terrace open to public.
✔ Chill area highly equipped for mental and physical relaxation.
✔ Prestigious medical-sports and recovery area + R & D.
✔ 2 quality restaurants: 1 of them to ensure an organic diet and proximity and our gastronomic flagship, one panoramic restaurant 360 open to the public, with the best views of the country.
✔ 1,200 square meters of fitness, wellness and recovery areas.

Who it is for

The center is intended for federated sportsmen and women, professional sportsmen and sportswomen, amateur sportsmen and sportswomen and their respective companions.

Athlete, welcome.

Whatever your discipline, here you will find an ideal center for your recovery, the perfect environment for your improvement and a key moment for your development as an athlete. Whether a collective discipline such as rugby, cycling, soccer, basketball, handball, etc. or an individual athlete preparing for a triathlon, an Olympic event, a pre-season or an alpine climb, ICONIC is designed to help you, in all cases, to achieve your best sporting performance.